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 Hong Kong workshop was set up to mold households appliance parts within 450T clamping force. 1986  香港工場成立,以家電部件成形為主(450T鎖模力以下).
 China (ShenZhen) factory was established while Hong Kong
workshop was completely removed to China factory and
enlarged the productivity in 1995.
1992  中國深圳工場成立,并于1995年將香港工場的工作全部遷移至中國.
·The Mold Making Department and Printing Division was set up to handle part surface finishing and support the development of injection and assembly jobs.
· Preparation & preliminary examination on the application
of ISO 9000 System.
1993 ·工模制造部及印刷課成立,以部件的表面處理及支援裝配和注塑為主·初步探索應用ISO 9000系統.
·The introduction of manufacturing OA plastic injection parts by 850T injection machines and relevant assembly jobs started.
·The pilot scheme for implementation of ISO9002 was launched
1996 ·開始使用850T注塑機生產OA塑膠部件及OA組件的裝配工序.
·內部試行ISO 9002 品質系統.
·HK office and China factory were accredited to have ISO 9002 certificate by SGS.
·No.2 China factory was set up at the same year.
1998 ·香港辦公室及中國工場獲得由SGS審核的ISO 9002証書.
·The involvement of mold design &manufacturing in the ISO system facilitates, Lucky Star to be ISO 9001 certification
·Another OEM toys factory was set up to concentrate in
roto-molding and spraying jobs.
1999 ·將模具開發、設計及制造納入ISO9000品質系統,獲取ISO9001証書
 OEM Electronic Mechanic Toys Team was set up. 2000  成立OEM的電子/機械玩具小組.
·Moving to new factory with increasing the workshop area
up to 24,000 square metres office & dormitory to 17,000
square metres.
·HI-TECH LUCKY STAR MOLD MFG. CO., LTD. was established as to handle all tooling business.
2001 ·搬遷至新廠房,工場面積18,000平方米,
 Awarded ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:1996 certificate. 2002  獲取ISO 9001:2000和ISO 14001:1996証書.
·Bring the development & design for electrical toys into
ISO Quality Management System.
·Awarded ISO 9001:2000 Expansion Certificate.
2003 ·將電子玩具開發、設計納入ISO9000品質管理體系並獲取ISO9001:2000擴大認證.
 Setting up new factory for plastic injection & mold making in HangZhou to anchor new production center for customers in East China in parallel with ShenZhen factory for South China production center. 2004  為配合華東一帶客戶的需要,已在杭州成立注塑及工模製造工廠,屆時與深圳工廠形成2個重要生產中心,為華東及華南的客戶提供服務.
·Updated ISO14001:2004 Expansion certificate
·ERP system (ShenZhou Digital Management Co,.Ltd) On Line and Outstanding Customer Award.
2006 ·獲取ISO14001:2004換版、擴大認證
·Awarded ISO9001:2008 certificate. 2009 ·獲取ISO 9001:2008証書
·Company transformed to sole venture named as K-star Plastic Mold(Shenzhen) Co.Ltd . 2012 ·年底因三来一补企業轉型,公司正式更名為
·Awarded ISO 9001:2008 & ISO/TS 16949 certificate.
·Set up of 100,000 grade dustfree workshop in Shenzhen plant for IMD automotive parts.
·Set up Jiaxing(East China) as a new production center toto replace old Hangzhou factory
2014 ·獲取ISO9001:2008 換證證書及 ISO/TS 16949 認證證書



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